About Huge consulting

Gain knowledge and insight into your customers, employees, members and other stakeholders

Cooperate with us

Huge Consulting is providing sales and marketing of MaritzCX's extensive product portfolio in the Nordic market. In relation to this offer Huge Consulting support, training, hosting, application development and other related services.

On a consultancy basis working Huge Consulting with the Customer Experience, employee surveys, customer surveys, customer dialogues, member surveys and other forms of data collection and reporting.

As a small company we do not possess all the skills in house. If the competence not is house, so we certainly know a partner who has the right expertise and competence. Therefore we are quite good at cooperating with other companies.

Behind Huge Consulting stays Lars Huge, who both owns and manages the company. Lars Huge is also employed as a lecturer at CBS, where he teach analysis, strategy and implementation of marketing.

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