Cooperation with us

We cooperate on your premises and focus on your needs. We can help you with the entire process or the parts of the process where you do not have the necessary resources or expertise. That is all up to you.


If you simply need at tool for Customer Experience (CX), surveys, or data collection, we can give you access to the recognized MaritzCX™ platform, so that you can conduct your projects from A-Z. Well-qualified English support is of course included in your subscription.


Well begun is half done. We help you with implementing the MaritzCX™ platform and support you in the process. In that way, you will get going fast and efficiently. It might also be that you have project where you want to do some things yourself and let other things be taken care of. That is also a solution we offer.


If you do not have time, resources or the necessary expertise, you can let us take care of the entire process for you. We will come with a solution that matches your needs and desires. We will conduct the entire process from A-Z, including reporting, presentation and conclusions, and help you with implementation on your organization.

We teach

Even though we have core competencies within different areas, we are not afraid to teach others. Therefore, we regularly host seminars and workshops where we teach you and gives you access to relevant knowledge.