Customer Experience (CX) in Other Types of Organizations

Our approach to CX

Traditionally, there has been a great focus on making members and employees satisfied, but in order to create growth and progress, organizations now have to make members and employees engaged. Competition is often fierce, so the ones growing are the ones that are capable of making their members engaged and hereby act as ambassadors.

We help interest groups, labor unions, charities and other types of organizations through targeted CX and Voice Of Customer (VOC) programs, so that members become ambassadors to the organization and thus help you achieve your goals.

Our goals with CX in organizations

When we work with CX in organizations, we help you with:

  • Identification of the most cost-effective drivers for creating brand-loyal ambassadors
  • Member retention
  • Identification of ambassadors
  • Targeted improvement of your services
  • Targeting of sales corresponding to your needs and wishes
  • Understanding what drives your customers and employees

Member surveys

What do your members think about your products, services, brand, prices, etc.? If you are unaware, you cannot offer the right experience to your members.

We have developed a ready-made solution for measuring member satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement (ambassador potential), which makes sure that important information is shared real-time with the relevant employees and managers.

Member dialogue / instant polling

Traditional member surveys use the average result of all responses, which often distorts the image of your members and make them appear like a “gray goo”. If this is the case, one cannot base their decisions on the needs of individual members when adjusting the services of the organization.

Member dialogue / instant polling is well suited as a follow-up on advisory sessions, for instance salary inquires, contract inquiries, career advice etc.

By focusing on responses from single members, organizations have a unique opportunity to offer services that match the targeted member’s needs and to match expectations. In a member dialogue, it is natural that the organization follows up on questions where action is required, so that the organization can concentrate their effort on members that are not completely satisfied. A good verbal or written dialogue is often enough to clear up a lot of misunderstandings and make sure that the customer remains loyal.

Listen to your employees

Many organizations forget that the most important means for creating loyal members and ambassadors is satisfied and engaged employees. That is why it is important to coordinate employee surveys and Customer Experience setup.

Ideas for service improvement and new services

If you only measure satisfaction with existing services, you will rarely get ideas for development and improvement of these. We use a qualitative approach where we get inspiration from a group of members, and we help you conclude which new services your members are interested in.

Implementation of software and training of the organization

Deciding to implement CX is one thing, but doing so is quite another. We have the necessary professional and technical expertise to implement CX in your organization fast and efficiently. Knowledge is key, and that is why our consultants are VOC Professional™-certified.

Our platform

We use the recognized MaritzCX™ platform for our Customer Experience solutions.