Salary Statistics / Salary Surveys

We at Huge Consulting are experts within the field of salary surveys, salary statistics, and interactive salary calculators and the like. We have a strong team of internal and external consultants and contractors who all have more than 15 years of experience within the field.

Our services include:

  • Gathering of salary information from members
  • Extraction of salary information from databases and registries
  • Preparation of salary statistics and reports
  • Development of web-based salary calculators
  • Development of web services that make data available to external platforms
  • Professional advice on data collection, reporting, and technology

Surveys, Data Collection, Statistics, and Analysis

We at Huge Consulting are leaders within the field of data collection and dissemination, and we specialize services within qualitative, web-based, and paper-based surveys.

Consultancy on survey preparation

We help you with the scope of the survey, preparation of valid questions and response categories, and overall making sure that you receive meaningful response from your surveys.

SPSS, SAS and statistics

Our experienced consultants master both SPSS and SAS, and we are ready to solve tasks that involve statistics and analysis on these platforms. Our consultants have a wide knowledge of different statistical methods, and we advise you on experimental design, data management, analysis, statistics, and reporting.

Qualitative interviews

We conduct both personal interviews and focus group interviews. We help you with preparation of an interview guide, conduction, recording, and transcription of interviews, and preparation of reports with conclusions.

Web surveys

Web-based surveys are a natural part of our business. If you do not wish to purchase the relevant software yourself, we can solve the task for you. Our advanced software from MaritzCX™ enables us to conduct complicated web surveys fast and cost-effectively.

Paper-based data collection

Conduction of old-fashioned surveys on paper is in some cases still preferable to web surveys. We at Huge Consulting are ready to carry out the entire process for you, from preparation and production of the survey itself to packaging, distribution, data entry/scanning, and delivery.

Other forms of data collection

If phone interviews and/or other forms of data collection are part of a greater task, we have skilled and experienced partners to help you with this. If you are unsure how your survey is best conducted, we stand ready to give you a qualified and objective evaluation of the matter.

Reporting and dissemination of results

Collected data can be disseminated through a table and figure report or through an actual written report, in where the results of the survey are communicated in an easily understandable language complemented by various tables and figures.

Board elections

Using electronic elections is a cheap and efficient way to conduct board elections in, for instance, unions, associations, or corporations. We stand ready to conduct such elections, and we guarantee full anonymity to the ones eligible to vote. You give us information about the voters, and we give you an overview as to how many votes the different candidates have received.