Citizen and User Surveys

Municipalities and regional authorities struggle to attract new citizens and businesses, hospitals seek to deliver the best possible treatment and service, and organizations in general seek to optimize their services to match the needs and wishes of citizens and businesses.

Through a targeted effort, we help public institutions and authorities with:

  • Establishing and running user and citizen panels
  • Measurement of satisfaction with services
  • Development of satisfaction over time
  • Assessment of whether the service level matches the wishes and needs of citizens and businesses
  • Targeted improvement of services
  • Structured gathering of ideas from citizens and businesses

Surveys among citizens and users

It is a good idea to often take the temperature of satisfaction with the services that are provided to citizens and businesses – solid data are crucial so that decisions about alteration of your services are not made blindly.

Citizens and user surveys are important, in that they can form the basis for setting goals, making plans, verification of results, and correction of effort and targets.

User and citizen panels

Having a citizen and/or user panel provides you with many advantages. Firstly, you have the opportunity to get feedback from citizens and users in a fast and efficient way, since it is merely a matter of asking the right questions and “pushing the button”. Secondly, you have the opportunity to reuse a lot of background information so you do not have to tire respondents more than necessary.

We of course help you with establishing and running both user and citizen panels.

Instant polling

Traditional citizen and user surveys use the average result of all responses, which often distorts the image of your citizens and users and make them appear like a “gray goo”. If this is the case, one cannot base their decisions on the needs of individual citizens or businesses when adjusting the services of the organization.

Instant polling is a highly effective tool in cases where you have to follow up on single service transactions between you and citizens, users, or businesses. This makes sure that you get insight into the service that has just been provided, which is valuable in future transactions.

As a natural part of instant polling, responses from citizens, users, or business are followed up when necessary. This is a good way of getting insight and not least clear up any discrepancies between what was expected and what was provided.

Listen to your employees

Many organizations forget that the most important means for creating loyal users, citizens, and businesses is satisfied and engaged employees. That is why it is important to coordinate employee surveys and user/citizen surveys.

Ideas for service improvement and new services

If you only measure satisfaction with existing services, you will rarely get ideas for development and improvement of these. We use a qualitative approach where we get inspiration from a group of citizens or users, and we help you conclude which new services your citizens/users are interested in.

Implementation of software and training of the organization

Deciding to conduct citizen and user surveys is one thing, but doing so is quite another. We have the necessary professional and technical expertise to implement a survey setup in your organization fast and efficiently. Knowledge is key, and that is why all our consultants are VOC Professional™-certified.

Our platform

We use the recognized MaritzCX™ platform for our survey solutions.